Have you spent your life working for less than what you’re worth -- 
you believe you deserve more... 
and you want to have more income but don’t know how, then read this. 

You Too Can Become A Top-Level Personal Development Master

And Make More Money Than Your Practice... Through This Simple, Complete System

Discover The 3-Letter Secret Which Creates A Successful Life and Practice, Influences More People With More Impact, Builds a Purpose-driven Movement, While Earning More Like Clockwork 
— Even If You’re Clueless About Business. 

Discover my most effective secrets to…

How you can help your clients end their weekly disappointments and lifetime of failing, move them from inaction to consistent action... and turn their lives around, creating real clarity, vision and transformation.  
Discover a powerful and effective strategy to help your clients resolve problems and limiting beliefs at the unconscious level - often even without their conscious awareness. 
Uncover the system for structuring every part of the sales process to attract clients and help more people... while inspiring them to harness the power of their minds. Plus, 16 negotiating tactics you can use to get more YES-es.

What if you have a new tool which will remove yourself from what you considered your worst state? 

feeling worthless helping other people in a thankless job... 

burnout working 70 hours a week... 

stressed of not doing anything tangible....

What if there is a solution which will boost your income and turn your career into a meaningful business... helping more people and changing lives?

You’ll never have to feel trapped in a job, feeling frustrated working so hard, for so little.

There will be no more glass ceiling. You don’t work for anyone else.
You never felt freer, you do what nourishes your soul... while earning the income more than enough until your retirement.

That’s awesome, right?
because you are feeling any of the following... 
You feel trapped, overwhelmed working the same 6-8 client hours every day. You’re doing well by your clients. But mentally, you’re in a worse state with all this anxiety about your job and your life.
You have a family who loved you so dearly, yet you feel like you weren’t giving them the best of you. And worse, you weren’t even giving yourself the best as well. 
You feel like you are doing great work, but aren’t getting compensated for it like you should. You feel you’re up for something great and you know you deserve more. More income. More Freedom. More Significance.
Am I hearing, “Yeah, that’s me!” to any or all of the above?
Cool! Well, you’re in the right place!


If you really want to live your ideal life, do what you sincerely love, and never look back at your old, soul-sucking life... something has to change. 
“When you do the things in the present that you can see, you are shaping the future that you are yet to see."
Idowu Koyenikan
I’m a certified trainer of NLP, hypnosis, EFT, time techniques, success and life coaching. 

My mission is to educate, inspire, and guide individuals who want to be a part of the “change” movement... through the power of coaching and training.

I’m here to show you how to be a top-level personal development master... create a successful life and practice... influence more people with more impact, build a purpose-driven movement... while earning more like clockwork — even if you’re clueless about business.

I bet you’ve heard all of these before, and I know how you feel.

In fact, I never imagine doing ALL these two decades ago. My life was so different back then.

I experienced working as a teacher earning so little. I was literally living from paycheck to paycheck. To have a roof over my head, I needed to share a room with 3 roommates.

When my first child was born, I juggled 3 jobs just to make ends meet. To do that, I worked 100 hours per week and napped at the office parking lot.

We lived in a tiny place, leaving home and coming home when it’s dark — day in, day out like clockwork for years.
I was exhausted. I felt helpless, hopeless, and lifeless.

I did NOT realize how dangerous stress can be. And how close I am to dying when I allowed myself just to get by and to exist in a life which doesn’t fit me.

It built up to a point where I just got used to working this way.

I just got used to working 100 hours a week not being appreciated for it. And not feeling like I was contributing to anything.

I’m all in with helping a lot of people (patients), saving lives. I love it.

Yet, I felt my master's program gave me skills to be a therapist, but not to be successful in business and in life.

And because of that, I’m just going on emotions entirely on autopilot. Burnout, stressed, confused, exhausted, depressed.

And then suddenly, I woke up and asked myself:

“How did I get here? What was I doing?”

Then, I got to a point where I said:
I need to do something DIFFERENT.

I realized life was not just about helping people and earning money.

In a nutshell, you have to live, love and matter. #LLM

It’s about living a life of purpose and making a footprint here on Earth, which marks your very existence. And having full control over your life — while giving the best of you, to your loved ones and to yourself.

And to fulfill the #LLM mantra, I did what I considered the boldest step - I signed up for a premium coaching certification class. I became a Certified Trainer and Practitioner. My life turned the right way up.

I discovered a solution which freed me from living inside the box trapped in a world with a glass ceiling.

I went from working 100-hour weeks, consumed in my work, unsure if life could ever be different…

To now working 20 hours per week or even less, serving more people, making an even BIGGER impact -- all while being an example for my 3 beautiful children.

A business which gives you the flexibility to 
Whatever challenges you’re up against in your life, career, or business right now, I want you to forget about them for a second.
Then picture these... 
Imagine living a life where you feel a good sense of work-life balance. 
Now, you have time to walk your dog. Play with your kids or have date nights with your special someone whenever you want. You now see your friends often, and you’re just happier.

Everything in your life falls into place, a little bit more. Now, your life improves in a way that follows your dreams. 

You’re prepared to live the ideal life you want for yourself. 
Imagine there is no more glass ceiling. You no longer work building someone else’s dream.
You’re building your own empire. Now, you’re the boss, the founder, the CEO.

You feel liberated and oh so happy inspiring people to build their own dream and become their best selves ever.

Imagine running your practice like a well-oiled paperless business machine while enjoying a happy, healthy lifestyle. 
You’re now part of an amazing community of successful entrepreneurs. Your business gives you more freedom to work when you want, where you want, only on causes which matter with your dream clients and spark joy in your life.

You can finally stop work at 5:00 PM (or even earlier or not at all) and stick to that. You no longer work at weekends. You learn to say no when it made sense and “yes!” when it made sense.

You can travel to discover different places and cultures and have some location independence if you want it. You’re always planning the next vacation, the destination, itinerary and all.

And you have the income to (pretty much) afford anything you want.

Imagine waking up with a sense of joy and inner trust that you’re on the right path. And you spend every day creating and connecting with amazing clients, partners, and friends. 
You’re grateful to be a leader for therapists, coaches and trainers everywhere who want this kind of life for themselves.

You build and lead a movement of success-minded, purpose-driven people... who are inspired and motivated to make a difference, just like you.

You offer the best opportunity, freedom and lifestyle to thousands of people from all over the world. 
Imagine speaking on stage on different events sharing your truth, your life and experience to a broader audience.
You feel exhilarated getting emails, messages, and letters from people coming from all parts of the world... sharing how their lives have changed because of you and your work.

You feel the most profound passion to show up, give more value and change lives. You feel great satisfaction knowing you’ve saved more people through your voice and wisdom.

Imagine maximizing your social impact by publishing best-seller books. 
You’re helping thousands of people fast track their growth — giving them clarity, vision and ability to execute consistent actions towards their dreams.

You help them define their vision, clarify their goals, maximize their impact in a way that’s fully aligned with their core values and beliefs — all while building a coaching business they love.

I am proud to introduce to you my complete premium program called:  
Become a top-level personal development master and make more money than your practice through this simple, complete system...

Which gives you permission to CREATE a successful life and business, INFLUENCE more people with more impact, BUILD a purpose-driven movement...while earning more like clockwork — even if you’re clueless about business. 

This is a complete program for coaches, therapists, and people with great potential...

who are ready to start making a BIG difference by up-leveling their lives and start living with a purpose -- while earning more.

These proven strategies are presented in a logical order, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

You’ll discover how to properly harness the profound power of the subconscious mind... the natural laws of the universe and your limitless energy…

And maximize them to help your clients and yourself obtain mastery of your life... while designing a future which fulfills your deepest desires.

And to top it off, I also added bonuses which cover more useful strategies you can use to make your business fly.

You’ll have everything you need to get your business up and running like a well-oiled income-generating machine on autopilot...

Giving you more money than your actual practice — while becoming the best personal development master and influencer to thousands of people.

This system is so complete as if I’ve given you the key, even opened the safe for you and handed you your dream life in a gold platter — only if you act on it.

No stones left unturned as we go deeper from discovering your real power and potential to manifesting breakthroughs left and right... not only for you but also for your clients.
Here’s how The Complete NLP Coaching Certification Program can help you change your life today… 
The OM Program
Valued at $4,444
This program is packed with all the techniques, strategies and processes you need to start and build a certified coaching business. You’ll never need to reinvent the wheel, as this system is proven and tested to work with thousands of clients worldwide. 

You’ll be equipped with the needed solutions for you to work with clients and have a deep level of understanding of how your mind works and how you can use it to its fullest potential…

While working with the natural laws of the universe so you and your clients can create a clearer picture of the future, achieve goals faster and give yourself permission to receive all the blessings you deserve.
  • Read your clients’ patterns simply by looking in their eyes, so you can help them how they can fix their limiting beliefs and grow with an abundance mindset.
  • Discover the 5-letter word patterns which are useful for creating momentum towards a compelling future. These also install choices for a new identity.
  • Uncover how to use language consciously to achieve your communication goals and control conversations chunking up or toning down to levels of greater ambiguity or specificity.
  • ​The 11-letter word which allows you to subtly convert suggestions to the subconscious mind without critical analysis and help you create new and better internal representation for people.
  • ​ Discover a powerful and effective strategy to help your clients resolve problems at the unconscious level - often even without their conscious awareness.
  • ​How you can replace the meaning of memories in the past, so your clients can finally move and let go of the negative experience and emotion associated with it.
  • ​Discover different techniques you can use to shift your clients’ minds from where they are right now to a state of freedom, abundance and joy. 
  • ​The five-step process to get ideal clients from start to finish effortless even if you’re new to the business. 
  • ​16 negotiating tactics you can use to get more YES and help more people in the long run.
  • ​Discover a powerful technique on how to stop a smoker from smoking almost instantly.
In a nutshell, I’ll hold you by the hand until you become the personal development master you want to be. 
ADDITIONAL TRAINING COURSES Included With Your NLP Certification Coaching Program Tuition:
Life and Success Coaching Certification
Valued at $1,497
Stand out as a leader in one of the fastest-growing, multibillion-dollar industries. Everyone from corporate execs to new business owners and influencers needs a coach. 

Become known as the most powerful, results-creating coach, and feel the fulfillment of making lasting change in your clients’ lives... while getting paid your worth to do work that truly matters and fulfills your spirit. 

Life and Success Coaching 
3-Day “Live” Certification Course
Valued at $1,497
This is an in-person version of the Life and Success Coaching Certification course. 

T.I.M.E. Techniques
Valued at $997
T.I.M.E. Techniques™ is one of the most powerful sets of NLP techniques. If your clients are dealing with deep-rooted sets of limiting beliefs which lingered since childhood... or even past lives...

T.I.M.E is a technique which will help you identify past traumas, however small, and heal from them, so you can live in an empowered way.

They are used to eliminate negative emotions like fear, guilt, or sadness which might be holding you back... release limiting beliefs, banish the effects of phobias and ultimately end the feelings of anxiety.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping)
Valued at $497
EFT allows you to manage your energy powerfully, and create a higher vibration in your life, using the power of energy tapping.

This quick tool will allow you and your clients to balance the energy systems of the body. 
And remove the effect and blocks stemming from negative emotions that can break down the electrical currents in your own body.

Tapping uses the same points as acupuncture treatment, but in a way that is accessible for everyone.

Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner
Selling at $497
Use the power of hypnosis to powerfully connect with the subconscious mind, and imprint new ways of thinking, habit-busting beliefs, and radically change your life, and the lives of your clients in a single session.

Hypnosis has incredible results for people like helping clients quit smoking, lose weight, or attract abundance, all from a shift from a single session.

Facebook Ads Training
Valued at $1,200
Discover how to run your very own Facebook ads campaign using the most effective method to create a 100% targeted audience for your business in record time.

You’ll also learn how to effectively optimize your Facebook ads campaign. We’ll explain the two most important concepts to correctly optimize your campaigns in order to get the lowest cost to get new clients.

Plus, discover the 8 hottest ways to use Facebook ads to help grow your business, including the do’s and don’ts of Facebook advertising.

Mastering Sales with NLP Home Study
Valued at $200
Discover the 5-step sales process which will help you get a steady flow of clients into your business. Plus, be equipped with the skills to handle objections, so you can turn a ‘No’ to a resounding ‘Yes’.

Also, learn the art of negotiation to give a win-win situation for you and your client.

The Dream Client Attraction Arsenal
Valued at $100
Discover how you can identify who your dream client is, so you can speak their language and bring your message directly to them.

Remove all the guesswork by easily and effortlessly know how to run a business like a pro -- achieve more with less.

Plus, get all the tools you need to create online assets which will help your business be visible to your target market. We have a complete list you need to start the ball rolling!

Hypnosis MP3
Valued at $200
Discover a proven process derived from ancient indigenous Hawai’i people when it comes to forgiving other people. Know this and you’ll learn to forgive those people who’ve done you wrong and feel good going through the process.

It allows us to cut and clear out preconceptions in how we view others to create new connections and rejuvenated relationships.
Website Audit
Valued at $500
We will do an audit of your website where we’ll give comments and suggestions on how you can improve your copy and design to make it more persuasive to your target market.

We’ll make sure your message is clear, cohesive, impactful while showing your personality and core values. The design, tone of voice of the copy and style will fully represent you as a personal brand.

Exclusive Mastermind Group + Lifetime Access
Valued at $1,199
You’ll be given access to a group of like-minded people who are pursuing the same thing as you. You’ll have the chance to interact, ask questions and even get tips on how to run and scale your business.

It consists of people who share the same dream, goals and struggles as yours. I created it, so you can have a safe haven for you to share your challenges, wins and breakthroughs. A place where you’ll get the support and love for purpose-pushers and change-makers like you.

Inside, you’ll also have lifetime access to all materials and videos included in your certification program. So, if life gets in the way, you can go back right where you left it and continue what you’ve started.

You’ll also have unlimited access to me. If you have any questions, simply post inside the group and tag me. I’ll do my best to answer right away.

You don’t need to do it alone. You’ll have a group of certified coaches behind your back -- supporting you, encouraging you and even cry with you, if necessary.


We all know the value of investing in ourselves and the impact it can give to the lives of a lot of people.

And we’re all aware that it comes with a price.

As for me, it costs hundreds thousand dollars worth of coaching, courses, books, workshops and masterminds to make this program my best and most comprehensive program yet…

Not to mention the years of study, experimentation, consultation and execution of the learnings to build my impactful, profitable coaching business. Along the way, I’ve experienced a lot of mishaps and mistakes, which costs me thousands of dollars and hours wasted — so you don’t have to.

Now, with all the great content you’ll get from 
this certification program 
(the training, coaching, community, workbook and PDFs) 
plus the awesome bonuses, 
the investment is worth more than the value you’ll get.

And I’m aware that for some people, this is like a hard pill to swallow.  

is NOT a good fit for everyone…

After running The Complete NLP Certification Program for more than a year now and worked closely with hundreds of students, I’ve learned that this program isn’t a good fit for certain types of people.
Specifically, people who say these:

“I don’t believe that success is a choice.” 

If you believe achieving success is out of your control. If you’d instead work 70 hours per week or 100 hours per week, just like what I did, or if you want to stay as to where you are right now, and you’re happy… then I can’t help you.

This program is only for those willing to take responsibility and committed to making massive changes in their lives.

“I’m happy where my life is right now.” 

If you’re already living the life of your dreams. And you get to the point where you think this is the end of the road for you when it comes to growth and success...

And you don’t want to go to the next level when it comes to freedom and abundance, then this is not for you.

This program is for people who want MORE in their lives. Those smart people who when asked why they chose to invest in their growth they answer:
“It wasn’t a money thing, it was a time thing… a freedom thing.”

Having more money is not the “real” freedom, having more time is.

“I want the fastest way to get rich.” 

The entire NLP Certification Program is based on a proven system to help people with great potential, become the best version of themselves, and gain total freedom as well.

Yet, this entire journey takes time and effort. There are no silver bullets nor guaranteed results. Making ripple effect of success through your coaching business requires a solid focus, perseverance and patience.

Most of all, it requires consistency of action and the willingness to stay in the game — even if things get tough. By having the right system and process, the question will no longer be whether you’ll succeed or not — it becomes a question as to “WHEN.”

“I Can Do It Myself.”

I’ve encountered a lot of “know-it-all, jack-of-all-trades” type of people who wouldn’t trust anyone and settle to do things themselves. They believe it’s the best thing to do since everything is available online (Thanks Google!), so they end up having analysis paralysis, overwhelm and confusion combined.

If you’re not ready to trust anyone to guide and give you the fastest solution (compared to Googling), then you won’t see the value of this program.

“I’m Afraid It Will Not Work For Me.” 

If you think you can or you can’t, either way, you’re right. That’s the famous quote we see when it comes to perception.

Your result is directly proportional to the action you take. Your personal transformation rooted in implementing the lessons taught inside the program. Plus, we all have a different timeline. We all go through different stages in our lives, which makes results vary from person to person.

So, I asked you to take action and learn to let go of your limiting belief. Because I know in one way or the other, this program will work for you.

"Since taking the courses, I have published two books with a third in the works, created programs to help my clients have extreme breakthroughs and have achieved many of my own personal goals and growth in the process."


Being a life coach has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember. I’ve always had a deep passion for helping others be the best version of themselves. The courses with Obtaining Mastery have not only allowed me to get a full understanding of Life & Success coaching, but have given me the avenue to achieve my Master level certification in NLP, Life & Success Coaching, EFT, Hypnosis and Time Techniques.

The courses are well prepared and Dr. Kelley’s ability to bring her knowledge and creativity while having an open forum to ask questions, made it such pleasant learning experience. Since taking the courses, I have published two books with a third in the works, created programs to help my clients have extreme breakthroughs and have achieved many of my own personal goals and growth in the process.

My goal is to take what I’ve learned through Obtaining Mastery and not only apply it to my life, but help others to be anchored in their purpose, promise and prosperity.
If you are looking to achieve your goals or help others to do the same, I highly recommend Obtaining Mastery Courses.  

"The thing that stood out to me about this program is I feel like I wanna know more. I realized there are a lot of things out there that I didn’t know and it just opened my mind to wanna do it more and more and more."


I enrolled in the program because I just always wanted to do life coaching.
I want to be knowledgeable about things that in any way I’m dealing with. I see a lot of clients, and I want to be more knowledgeable of what I’m doing, what I’m saying. And if I’m saying the right thing in a right way.

The thing that stood out to me about this program is I feel like I wanna know more. I realized there are a lot of things out there that I didn’t know and it just opened my mind to wanna do it more and more and more.

Would I recommend this course? Absolutely! I think Dr. Maritsa is a great person. She’s very interesting.

I didn’t know how am I gonna handle so many hours sitting down for this course cause I’m not that type of person. But when I was there, I actually didn’t want to get up the chair cause I wanna listen. The way she’s talking and the way she’s explaining things, it’s just so wonderful!


Glad you asked.

Compared to other NLP Coaching Certification programs, which cost at least $9,000, not to mention the cost to fly to the event, hotel and accommodation, and all, this program is miles better.

I should know, I’ve invested in training like these myself. And what they offer doesn’t come close to what you’ll get inside the Complete NLP Practitioner Certification Program — not even half.

In Summary, You’ll Receive…
  • The NLP Coaching Certification CORE Program (Valued at $4,444) 
  • ​Life and Success Coaching Certification ( Valued at $1,497) 
  • ​Life and Success Coaching 3-Day “Live” Certification Course (Valued at $1,497)
  • ​T.I.M.E Techniques (Valued at $997)
  • ​Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping) (Valued at $497) 
  • ​Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner (Selling at $497) 
  • ​Facebook Ads Training (Valued at $1,200)
  • ​The Dream Client Attraction Arsenal (Valued at $100) 
  • ​Hypnosis MP3 (Valued at $200)
  • ​Website Audit (Valued at $500)
  • ​Exclusive Mastermind Group + Life Access (Valued at $1,199)
Total Value Including Bonuses $12,131 

But don’t worry. You won’t have to pay that much.

When you decide to invest in yourself, you’ll get everything inside the Complete NLP Practitioner Certification Program for only...


P.S. Just to recap everything...

You feel exhausted and worthless helping other people in a thankless job, burnout working 70 hours a week, stressed not dong anything tangible.

And you want to boost your income and turn your career into a meaningful, profitable business helping more people and changing lives.

We’ve got a product that will give you permission to create a successful life and practice, influence more people with more impact, build a purpose-driven movement, while earning more like clockwork — even if you’re clueless about business.

This is an online program which consists of 9 core videos plus 4 coaching modalities and 6 excellent bonuses. And this is worth $12,131, but you’re only gonna pay a fraction of it today.